Introducing Meraki

Since our company was first started back in 1975, things have changed a lot. We’ve had many different names like David Hoy Trucking, Tsayta Trucking, and most recently, the KDL Group. The industry we work in has changed as well, evolving and presenting new challenges at every turn. Over the past few years, the KDL Group has grown exponentially. Our incredible team has expanded through strategic growth and several acquisitions. We’ve ventured into new services and industries that diversify our business.

We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done. It’s a success that is due to the dedication of our team, our partners, and our community. But now, almost 50 years later, we’re faced with some interesting questions. How do we grow without losing the parts of us that make us unique? How do we grow in a way that lets our best talent shine and gives them everything they need to succeed? How can we position ourselves for a future of shared success?

In trying to answer some of these questions, we discovered that much of our confusion came from the brand itself. Many of our employees and our customers didn’t fully understand who we were, or what we actually did. We don’t believe in doing things just for the sake of it, but we saw an opportunity to craft a brand that actually spoke to our core and paved the way for our future path. And that was exciting.

At a first glance, it may seem like we’ve just changed our name and our logo. But we believe that a brand can be much more than that. It’s how we see ourselves. It’s the culture we’ve built. It’s the values that guide us. It’s the way we approach our work. This new brand is a way of communicating those values and principles that were present from day one. Being able to clarify and express them was a refreshing experience.

Through the work of rebranding the KDL Group, we’ve learned more about ourselves and our company than we thought possible. A lot of it, we knew deep down. We were looking for a way to share it beyond just a vague understanding. When you put all of that down on paper, on a website, on a truck, it makes it so much more real. And authenticity is what we’re all about. Our new brand is an identity that can inspire our team, engage our partners, and strengthen our communities. That’s the potential we saw when we first undertook this project.

Today, we’re known as Meraki Resources. In a lot of ways, it’s business as usual. Our leadership is still the same, and no, we haven’t been bought out. Most importantly, the standard and quality that you’ve come to expect from the KDL Group is still here. But this new name and brand are like putting on a fresh pair of clothes. We’re dressed for where we’re going, and it feels good. 

You might be wondering: what is Meraki? Meraki (pronounced Mer-A-kee) is a Greek word meaning “putting your soul, creativity, and love into your work”. We chose it because we felt that “Meraki” best described how we feel going into work every day: 110% invested. 

Over the next few months, you’ll notice some changes happening slowly. We’ll be rolling out our new brand in different ways like decals on our trucks and in our emails. We also have a new website that talks about our company and provides a comprehensive understanding of our subsidiary companies, our services, and our unique approach. 

Of note, we’ve renamed a few things for clarity. K&D Logging is our interior logging company. KFM is now KDL Resource Management, our professional resource management company. The familiar names of Fall River Logging, Bluepoint Construction, and Forbidden Mechanical remain the same. Since Community is at the core of who we are, we’ve dedicated an entire page to speak about the way we approach our relationships.

Even though things may look a little different, what has stayed the same for almost 50 years is our family feel and our commitment to building strong, collaborative partnerships. We believe in passion, hard work, and getting things done, and in our opinion, those values are timeless. So please join us in ushering in this new chapter of KDL’s story as Meraki Resources. Let’s get to work.