From stump to dump, K&D Logging is your innovative, reliable, and efficient partner for any and all logging and harvesting projects. Let’s get started.

Tsayta Trucking

Our fleet of owned, operated, and maintained trucks helps to create a smoother, more reliable experience for our customers. Tsayta Trucking specializes in hauling and transportation services to complement our resource management and harvesting projects. We get your goods where they need to go, reliably, safely, and quickly.


What We Do

In the central interior of BC, K&D Logging is the number one choice for resource management in the province.


As a logging contractor, industrial forestry forms a core part of our business, and we have built a reputation for delivering on our commitments of quality and value. We work hard to exceed our client’s expectations, and we treat our projects like partnerships. Annually, K&D Logging delivers over 1 million cubic metres of timber.

Road Construction

K&D Logging has a dedicated group of supervisors, operators, and equipment to construct all classes of industrial road. We construct over 100km of road per year.

Bridge Construction

As part of our resource road construction services, we offer remote bridge construction. Both seasonally and annually, we provide install and construct bridges of different calibres, sizes, and for different needs.

Road Maintenance

If we build roads, we can also fix them. Road maintenance is a key component of our road construction service, helping to ensure that the roads you operate on are safe and well maintained.

Log Yard Management

As part of our logging services, K&D Logging owns and operates its own log yard. We often manage over 200 loads per day. Our team helps to organize our customers’ log yard resources including their transportation, sorting, storage, and management. We also manage our clients’ resources in third party log yards not owned by K&D Logging.

Forest Management

Our comprehensive forest management services include features such as tenure administration, harvest and development planning, GIS and information management, silviculture and rehabilitation, and financing and forestry business management. We operate many of these services through the expertise of K&D Logging’s sister company, KDL Resource Management.

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Work With Us!

A career at K&D Logging means working alongside a dependable and hardworking team. As a company, we’re focused on safety, sustainability, and partnership. Here, you’ll find consistent work and a wealth of competitive opportunities that give you the room to develop a successful career in the forestry industry. We also have opportunities for both new and experienced candidates.


Our People

Our Management Team

At K&D Logging, we’re like family. Our leaders are the foundation of our organization. Together, they help us deliver reliable and sustainable forestry and harvesting solutions to our partners.

  • Andrew Hoy VP Operations North for Meraki Resources

  • Sean Hoy General Manager of K&D Logging

  • Robert Whynacht Operations Manager

  • Chad Hill Maintenance Manager

  • Patti Krause Controller

Let's Talk

Have a question? Want to work with K&D Logging? Contact us today to get started. We look forward to being your next resource management partner.

P.O. Bag 19
561 Stuart Drive West
Fort St. James
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Contact: Sean Hoy, General Manager
(250) 996 8032

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