On the Island, Fall River is always up for the challenge because we always get the job done right. We’re proud to be your harvesting and construction partner.


What We Do

Fall River Logging continues to set the standard for reliability and professionalism in harvesting and forestry road construction on Vancouver Island.

Stump to Dump Harvesting

Fall River gets the job done. We pride ourselves on keeping our commitments, and that’s why, no matter the size or scope of a project, we can help you almost every step of the way with expertise, professionalism, and sincerity.

Supported by large fleet of reliable equipment and our harvesting capabilities includes:

  • Mechanical Logging
  • Grapple Yarding
  • Steep Slope Winch Assist
  • Log Hauling
  • Expertise in both ground-based and cable harvesting systems
Forestry Road Construction, Maintenance, and Bridge Installation

Like harvesting, we pride ourselves on doing the job right. To us, that means on-time, on budget, and with attention to detail. We build and surface roads, drill and blast, install bridges, and maintain all of it as required.

A robust fleet of road construction equipment complements our skilled operators and seasoned supervisory staff. With a team that can meet all of your resource access requirements, we do all of our work with the utmost care and sensitivity towards the environment and safety considerations.


Our Management Team

At Fall River Logging, we’re like family. Our leaders are the foundation of our organization. Together, they help us deliver reliable and sustainable forestry and harvesting solutions to our island partners.

  • Kevin Playfair VP Operations South for Meraki Resources

  • Matt Enns General Manager of Fall River Logging and Forbidden Mechanical

  • Colin Sanderson Operations Manager

  • Dan Burt Maintenance Manager

  • Eden Thomas Controller

Let's Talk

Have a question? Want to work with Fall River Logging? Contact us today to get started. We look forward to being your next resource management partner.

3837 Piercy Road
British Columbia V9J 1R7
Contact: Matt Enns, General Manager
(250) 871 0206


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