We firmly believe in establishing and nurturing relationships based on trust and respect with our Indigenous partners.

Working Collaboratively

Meraki acknowledges that Indigenous peoples and communities have a unique connection to the forests, land, and water and have a strong desire to retain their culture, values, and traditional practice. As a leader in our industry, we’re committed to working with Indigenous communities and people to jointly seek economic opportunity.

Our Goals

Striving for the Best

We truly believe that the way forward is together. Through mutual respect and collaboration, we hope to build strong, resilient communities that promote the wellbeing of the individuals who depend upon them. As an organization, we will continue to build culturally aware and equitable partnerships.

  1. Engagement

    Identify areas for mutually beneficial opportunities and promote opportunity for Indgenous engagement and participation.

  2. Education

    Develop a greater understanding of Indigenous perspectives and increase understanding of Indigenous history, cultures, and tradition through education and awareness programs for Meraki personnel.

  3. Recruitment

    Strive to attract and retain Indigenous employees at all levels of our organization.

  4. Investment

    Support the development of socioeconomic capacity in the communities where we operate through community investment to general long-term mutual benefit.

Our Plan

An Inclusive Strategy

At Meraki, we strive to have all of our employees and contractors carry out our collective goals through education and cultural awareness programs that ensure our business decisions and workplace environment reflects an inclusive corporate culture. Working closely with Indigenous communities and people, Meraki will foster these relationships and develop strategies to improve business development opportunities for shared success.

Community Approach

Meraki’s commitment to building lasting partnerships with its First Nations partners is part of its larger mission to support and empower communities with sustainable and safe solutions. Learn more about our Community Approach and see examples of our work with some of our trusted partners.