Proper Forest Road Procedures for the Leo Creek FSR

(Specifically:  Up Traffic Clearing Down Traffic & Radio Call Procedures)

There has been several complaints and close calls reported regarding the lack of proper Forest Road Procedures on the Leo Creek FSR. Specifically:

  • Up traffic not giving the Down traffic the unobstructed clearance to pass safely.
  • Down traffic not calling every EVEN km and the additional “Must Call Signs”.
  • Speeding by all users on the network.
  • Not respecting the extreme dusty road conditions.
  • New entrance not being trained on Forest Road Procedures and Radio Call Procedures for the Leo Creek FSR.

It should be noted ALL drivers are to be trained prior to entering the Leo Creek network and it is mandatory to follow ALL established road procedures.

Action- Zero Tolerance:

Starting Monday August 8, 2016, KDL will be monitoring the network specifically targeting 39km and up on the Leo Creek FSR for infractions of the road procedures. All persons employed by KDL (directly or subcontractor) found in violation of not following the proper Forest Road Procedures will be subject to disciplinary actions such as: sent home for the day, written warning, suspension or dismissal.  All other users found in violation, will be asked to not return for the day and their employer contacted and / or receiving mill notified of the infraction.

Proper Forest Road Procedures are in place to ensure your safety. We encourage all infractions to be reported and we ask all users to take personal accountability in following the procedures.  Attached are the Forest Road Procedures and the Radio Call Procedures for your review.