Open Position

General Manager

Meraki acknowledges that Indigenous peoples and communities have a unique connection to the firsts, land and water and a strong desire to retain their culture, values and traditional practices.

The Organization

Today, KDL Resource Management (KDLRM) provides comprehensive, professional, and environmentally sustainable resource management services. KDLRM currently operates three professional forestry divisions in Prince George, Fort St. James, and Mackenzie, and offers project management throughout the province. They specialize in comprehensive tenure and forest management, working with their partners to develop opportunities, manage tenures, and market forest products. KDLRM looks forward to continuing to expand its presence and offerings across BC, positioning itself as a leader in professional resource services.

KDLRM is a part of Meraki Resources, a BC-based, diversified group of companies that offers fully comprehensive, community-oriented resource management and development solutions. Their key business areas are woodlands management, professional forestry, harvesting, forestry road construction, log hauling, log sales, civil construction and heavy-duty equipment and truck service and parts. While the companies are run autonomously, they are united by their commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

Today the Meraki Family continues to grow and expand, offering its customers access to a greater number of services with the same great care. Meraki is still family oriented, and employee focused, and they’re proud of their 40 year success story that combines resource development and forest management.

The Opportunity

KDL Resource Management is currently seeking a driven and entrepreneurial leader to be their General Manager (GM) who will guide the company towards success and ensure that it is poised for future growth, both strategically and operationally.  

As the business savvy GM you will be responsible for the P&L of the company while building the company’s presence across BC by collaborating with customers, government and First Nations communities.  Reporting directly to the VP of Operations – North, you will ensure the safe delivery of services that meet or exceed customer and corporate expectations. You will be responsible for the development and execution of strategic plans. You will develop and execute leading edge, best of class HR strategies and functions.

You will work collaboratively with the administrative team and the team of divisional managers to develop synergies to maximize the use of equipment, labour and resources while ensuring the safe, efficient and streamlined delivery of services. 

This exciting role will require you to be a leader, manager, and developer. In addition to being well organized, you possess strong business judgement, and the communication skills needed to interact with a variety of people and a diverse set of stakeholders.

As the ideal candidate, you will have demonstrated experience in civil contracts, rate/cost management and business development along with strong communication and leadership skills and a demonstrated ability to work within a collaborative environment.

Role and Responsibilities

The primary objective of the General Manager is to allocate budget resources, formulate policies, coordinate business operations, manage safety, monitor and motivate staff, manage operational costs, ensure good customer service, improve administration processes, engage with vendors, hire and train employees, identify business opportunities, and monitor financial activities. Your day-to-day business function will assist the organization in maintaining relationships with clients, generating new business, increasing productivity, improving service, ensuring sustainability, and meeting business objectives.

You will be responsible for:

Strategic Planning

  • In conjunction with the VP of Operations, lead strategic planning for the KDLRM divisions.
  • Complete strategic plan actions comprehensively and on-time. 
  • Hold direct reports accountable for meeting their specific strategic plan goals/actions.
  • Regularly update the VP of Operations with progress on strategic plan actions.

Leadership/Management/Human Resources

  • Manage and directs/oversees the work methods, personnel, production, scheduling, logistics, safety, operations, fleet, and materials for the Company.
  • Develop a strong, engaged team that is motivated to achieve the Company’s goals.
  • Develop and implement a coaching, mentoring and training program for all employees in the Company.
  • Develop clear, measurable goals/objectives and accountabilities for all direct reports and measure them against these.
  • Day to day supervision of direct and in-direct reports ensuring that company policies and industry best practices are adhered to.

KDL Forestry General

  • Maintain customer relations including managing contract obligations, rate negotiations and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Provide top tier professional guidance in forestry and forest operations.
  • Develop and maintain seasonal production targets and plans.
  • Identifying necessary resources for contract completion.
  • Work with Divisional Managers to hire employees and subcontractors, new hire orientation, wage negotiation, and subcontractor rates, performance management and ensure that team remains motivated.
  • Ensure efficient people, equipment and pick up utilization.
  • Ensure the KDLRM deliverables meet professional expectations for quality and completeness.
  • Coordinate equipment, people and resources between operations as required.

Managed Licenses

  • Ensure that KDL managed licenses are developed to optimize returns and dovetail with operational requirements.
  • Ensure that KDLRM management licenses are compliant and in good standing.

Business Management

  • In conjunction with the CFO, over-see the general administration for the Company including: payroll, AP/AR, insurance, financial reporting etc.
  • Develop an annual budget by the start of each fiscal year for approval by the Executive.  Report results against budget monthly.
  • Develop KPI’s for the over-all business and operational KPI’s for each of your direct reports.
  • Aggressively pursue opportunities to improve efficiencies and reduce costs to improve our competitiveness and margin. 
  • Develop and implement the strategy to coordinate and synergize the divisions of the KDLRM business.

Rate/Cost Management

  • Negotiate significant rates/contracts with customers for all aspects of the business
  • Ensure there is a sound understanding of each project’s rate structure and ensure operations are measured and regularly reported against this
  • Develop a sound understanding of the Company’s costs including equipment, project and overhead costs, set targets and report against these regularly.
  • Create and manage annual budgets for equipment and maintenance.
  • Report monthly financials: actuals versus budget.
  • Demonstrate strong understanding of current market rates and trends.

Business Development

  • Actively pursue additional forestry and professional services work and other miscellaneous projects
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships through-out the industry including with current customers, potential new customers and First Nations.
  • Actively work with current and future customers to develop and execute an annual harvesting schedule based on available work.

Asset Management

  • Manage the responsible use and care of company vehicles and equipment to minimize down-time and costs while presenting a professional, safe image for the Company.
  • Develop and maintain a 3 year rolling Capital Plan and make recommendations with respect to machine acquisition/replacement/divestment to the President.
  • Once approved, manage and/or oversee the acquisition/replacement/divestment of capital assets.
  • In conjunction with the Controller track and report on hourly equipment costs regularly.
  • Oversee all purchasing to ensure the Company is spending effectively.
  • Manage Company lease and property agreements.
  • Provide recommendations with respect to forest assets acquisition.


  • Working with the Controller to develop: Monthly / annual budgets, ageing reporting, monthly financials, invoicing, job and equipment cost reports.
  • Coordinate accommodation requirements (rental apartments, hotel arrangements, company owned camp logistics, health board requirements.)
  • Other administrative duties (create job #’s, develop rates for subcontractor pay, review & code invoices, review and code company billing, create cycle times, timecard review, GSA’s, pre-works, etc.)
  • Update and implement departmental and organizational policies and procedures to improve efficiency and quality of our work.
  • Improve existing processes to support organizational goals.

Health and Safety

  • Responsible for the successful implementation of the Company’s Safety Management System
  • Instruct staff on safety, recognize unsafe work conditions and modify work procedures
  • Ensure adherence to safety regulations
  • Set clear safety targets for the Company and ensure they are met

What you bring to the Company

  • 10+ years’ experience in the Forest Industry with 5+ years’ experience in a supervisory or management role.
  • Possessing a degree or diploma in Resource Management or Engineering and Registered with (or the equivalent of) the ABCFP or APEG as an RPF, RFT or P. Eng or other Resource Professional qualification.
  • Experience in forestry business and government processes.
  • Customer relations negotiation training and experience.
  • Experience and understanding of human resources and people management.


  • A track record of strategic decision making and sound business judgment
  • Demonstrated success in shaping organizational culture
  • Strong business acumen
  • Possess a good understanding of the forestry business
  • Possess a good understanding of logging


  • Strong analytical skills
  • Exceptional problem solving and analytical skills
  • The ability to balance cost control, quality with a strategic perspective
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Excellent Communications skills – dealing with peers, building relationships with government workers, dealing with clients and contractors


  • Ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines, and attention to detail
  • Ability to focus, plan and meet deadlines while managing multiple projects and changing priorities
  • Ability to balance cost control and quality with a strategic perspective
  • Ability to deliver results
  • Computer literate with strong MS Office abilities (Excel in particular)

We offer

  • A motivating, fast paced work environment with skilled people
  • A passionate team
  • Comprehensive total rewards package

Competitive Salary Based on experience